A-Tuwani, Hebron

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Lea, Translator: Natanya
חברון - התהלוכה מתארגנת ליציאה
חברון - מול בית המכפלה

1. This time I come to Hebron from the north, from my daughter in Gush Etzion. She and her husband spent Shabbat with the directors of the educational institutions in the Or Torah network, headed by Rabbi Riskin of Efrat, who is considered a moderate. Some of the institutions in Efrat are within the Green Line. The Shabbat was held in a hotel in Ariel, and a booklet of the food blessing and hymns was distributed by the Jewish community in Hebron. The advertisement offers to hold family celebrations with them. The occupation has already been completely normalized by the national religious public, including the "liberals". This year many made a traditional lighting of Lag Ba'Omer in the Cave of the Patriarchs plaza because they avoided traveling to Meron.

2. We went through Kiryat Arba to Hebron. Just before the last checkpoint, near the gas station, a procession of students were organizing themselves to go the area of ​the graves of Baruch Goldstein and Meir Kahana. Yesterday was Jerusalem Day, but here the celebrations continued another day which disrupt Palestinian lives a little more than "ordinary" disruptions. We just make a round trip through the Pharmacy checkpoint, the police checkpoint, Tel Rumeida. On our return we already encountered a checkpoint of the march route at the top of the worshipers' alley: that is, the route went through the House of Resurrection and the House of Peace, and from there a descent to the Cave of the Patriarchs. Indeed, the shaded plaza for the students had already been prepared there.

We made our way on foot and sat down with Bassam Jafari and his friends in front of his shopThe rest of the shops of course close on the occasion of the  Occupation festival , children return from school and hurry to go home and stay there. The procession soon arrived, with a strong military guard in front of it, on its sides, and behind it. Probably marching according to gender segregation in schools, first boys, then girls, including the children of the Menashe tribe living here. In between women with headdresses and with babyinfo-icon strollers, lots of Israeli flags of course. And the last, Anat in her car. (This woman is Anat Cohen and known for her violence towards Palestinians and groups on the left including Machsomwatch).

The lyrics and music in the megaphone are instructive: there is no mention of Jerusalem. "We're going slowly because we're the landlords here." "We will not move from here!" And here's Dedi Groucher's song with the Military Rabbinate Choir (normalization of the occupation have we already said?), Which I will bring in full: "This land / and blessed all kinds of grain for good / and give a blessing on earth."

3. Bassam shows us photos and videos documenting the violence of the settlers last Saturday night committed against Palestinian cars parked near the mosque in front of his house upstairs, that is, near the "Peace House”. The norm has become the desecration of the Shabbat to harm the Palestinians.

4. We leave Hebron from the east, through the Kafisha neighborhood. The passage to it is open. Later, a road was paved by the Palestinian Authority, the road passes the settlers 'Hill of the Mevasser (Herald), and connects to the square between Shuyukh and the girls' school.

5. Meanwhile, Nasser Adra from At-Tuwani informs Muhammad of what is happening in his sector: workers who worked in the village of Jaja were arrested and a demolition order was affixed to a building.