DCO Etzion: Corona and arbitrary treatment

Shlomiet Steinitz, Natany Ginsburg (reporting)


10:30- 12:00

An army vehicle entered the parking lot while we were sitting there. It stood there for a while... searching for prey? Then left and returned to the inner enclave.

Two traders spoke to us about the difficulty of entering Israel.  Since people in Bethlehem and Hebron have been receiving permits, they’ve also tried with the Palestinian Authority, but came away with empty hands. Asaf said that it was because of the Corona and the truth is neither of them is vaccinated. One of them said that they want to get it at the checkpoint where the workers are vaccinated, adding that his record was completely clean and that there were no problems with anyone in his family as well. The other led us to understand that there were ways to deal with this but did not elaborate. We understood the implied statement

One of them also told us that he had worked with a contractor who himself was working with the Nature Reserve Authority. The contractor now owes him 300,000 shekels and has told him that they would settle with him for 60,000. He has all the details on Whatsapp and has a backup on his own computer.

A young man who was waiting for a friend complained that his driver's license had been taken from him and while his lawyer had said that all was now in order, his license had been taken from him again today.  He told the story to one of the traders and then walked off, so we do not know why the license had been taken from him on both occasions.  He said that his lawyer would deal the matter the coming Sunday.