DCO Etzion: Cordial invitation to a closed facility

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Shlomiet Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg

DCO Etzion 

10.30 - 11.15

We arrived to find the carpark completely empty. Only two men were in the waiting room inside the DCO (District Coordination Office).

They came at the invitation of the GSS (General Security Office).   Luckily this time, instead of soldiers breaking into their house at the dead of night and ordering them to report to the DCO, they were invited by phone at a reasonable time.

We were then told that this being the day after Shavuot, the soldiers, as do the school children, have to rest from the efforts of the holiday and the DCO was closed.

We’ll end on a light note for a change, for those who know their Gilbert and Sullivan:

Then we dine and serve the coffee, and at half-past twelve or one, With a pleasure that's emphatic, We retire to our attic With the gratifying feeling that our duty has been done!