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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

I came across the wall in search of Land Day – and could not find it.

Neither the day, nor its memory.

It had seemed to disappear helplessly under the accumulating distress and despair that only increase.

Are there no people in the public space between the refugee camp and the checkpoint, that place that no so long ago was the destination of demonstrations and protests, where pepper spray and teargas, and stun grenades went rampant? Nothing. Empty and gray.

A would-be success in state-made oppression and terrorism.

On the days of Passover week, a kind of closureinfo-icon is imposed on both sides of the wall, serving the sovereign’s interests.

Whoever has work in Jewish industry that is important for Jews – is exempted. Whoever has no such work – is enclosed.

An elderly acquaintance spoke sadly about the fact that no Palestinians have vaccines, except for Palestinian Authority senior officials and people holding work permits. Whoever is neither of the two, must register and be destined for vaccination in another month or more.

The vaccine is from Russia, he said. Good or not so good… It has been neither examined nor approved by the World Health Organization.

הדרך מהמחסום למחנה הפליטים בקלנדיה