Tura checkpoint: Surrounded by IDF garbage for the glory of the occupation

Hagar Dror and Neta Golan (report and photos)

05:50    We drive to the Barta'a checkpoint through Harish. At the entrance to Eastern Barta'a from Highway 611, many cars are parked, and many workers are standing or sitting on the side of the road waiting for transportation. Further down Road 611, in front of the village of Dahar al-'Abd, more cars are parked and waiting for passers-by coming through a breach in the fence. The cars of those who came from the West Bank are parked near the village.

06:00 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint, the seam areainfo-icon side

Many go "legally" through the checkpoint and walk up the sleeveinfo-icon (long, fenced and covered path) to the parking lot and the shuttle vehicles. Among them are also a few women, our acquaintances who sew in Barta'a’s sewing shop. We walk down the sleeve in opposition  of the stream of those walking up in it. Some buy coffee and pastries at a buffet franchised by a Hermesh settler. We're peeking into the terminal, no hurry at this hour. Everything seems to be going "fine".

6:35 'Anin checkpoint

The middle gate is locked, a gap next to it is still open. M. with his son and the tractor are waiting for the gate to open. M. asks that we photograph the strange innovations in front of the gate: a ditch with yellow containers, from which black rods protrude.

06:45 A military police car flies by. Perhaps on their way to open the agricultural checkpoint in Taibah-Romana first?

07:05 The car returns. The soldiers open the gate, M. passes and one woman also passes on her way to visit relatives who live at the foot of the checkpoint, on the side of the seam area.

07:15 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

People cross the checkpoint from Area-A to the seam space on their way to work.  One of them remarks that they have only just opened the checkpoint. A driver, a resident of Umm Rihan, is waiting for passengers from the West Bank who work in the seam area. We notice that here, too, near Tura’s houses, the fence has been breached.

07:30 As usual the place is a dirty mess. A lot of green garbage bags of the army, and freely strewn garbage, surround the checkpoint. Hagar has a camerainfo-icon and will try to lodge a complaint where possible.