Barta'a checkpoint: Complaining about the crowded crossing in the morning

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Rachel Weizman and Hannah Heller (photos) Translation: Bracha Ben Avraham


Tura Checkpoint – 15:25 – A couple returned from shopping in Jenin and called their taxi driver who works in the seamline zone who came to pick them up.  Another couple returned from Jenin in their car. Eight workers returned to the West Bank from work in Israel and the seamline zone.  Several cars crossed quickly in both directions.  

We observed the work being done to expand the settlement of Shaked.  And saw rocks designated for the fence that would encompass the outermost house of Dahar al Malik.

Barta’a Checkpoint – 16:00

The wedding season has begun!  Two groups of 10-20 Palestinians were sitting under the shade in the upper parking lot.   They are residents of the villages near Jenin who work as servers at weddings in Wadi Ara's villages.  Most of them have no crossing permits and they cross through the holes in the separation fence carrying knapsacks with black suits and white shirts.   They work often at weddings in Israel, and when they work in Kfar Kassem they cross through the hole in the fence near G'at  Checkpoint.    

Dozens of workers were returning from work and walking down the sleeveinfo-icon.  The younger people take a short cut by jumping over the fence.  People complained that in the mornings only one of two entrances is open and it is very crowded even during these days of COVID.

A humanitarian non-profit organization of war victims called "Palestinegoodness"  donated another  water cooler at the upper entrance to the terminal.

Route 611 – 16:30 – A parking lot has been set up next to Barta’a Checkpoint on the road leading to the village of Kalkis  on the way to the popular hole in the fence.  Occasionally a car stops on the road to drop off workers who cross through the hole in the fence.