Hebron and the surrounding area: one shift four stories

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Hagit Bak

First Story – a fence with holes

Crossing into Israel by crowds of Palestinians through the holes in the Separation Fence – is ongoing, all within a stone’s throw of the official crossing site at Meitar Checkpoint. Versus this phenomenon, the entire “bureaucratic industry of military occupation by Israel” – issuing entry permits into Israel – is ridiculous and only feeds those who have interests in it, when it is so easy to enter Israel right under the eyes of the Israeli army and police.

Obviously the fence is superfluous – let people cross over freely without this whole permit policy that was born of the Original Sin of military occupation, and don’t steal people’s basic right to freedom of employment!

Second Story – without a surgical mask, in horrific crowding

At the Hebron DCO offices, at a time when the world is struggling against Corona-virus, especially by keeping social distance and wearing surgical masks, Hebron-area Palestinians’ encounter with the occupying military establishment takes place under conditions of crowding, no social distancing and no masks. This is how things are run when the official policy is not of service, but of showing who’s the occupier force, who has the power (the waiting line was so long I couldn’t even get it all in one picture…).

What the people in line had to say is what we have grown accustomed to hear… No one understands the logic behind the refusal of applications for permits.

Third Story – problem of “disputed house” solved

The disputed house in Hebron, or as the settler-colonists name it, “House of Peace…”, is undergoing renovations that turn it into the dwelling of 19 families, and by the way makes life unbearable for Palestinians neighbors. This is the ‘octopus’ system: every time, at a different site, a project for Jews only is founded, and then checkpoints and army become a fixture as well.

Let every Hebrew mother know what her sons do in their military service, protecting human rights…

Fourth Story – You won’t establish a Corona-virus testing station here!

At the northern entrance of Hebron from road 35, at what the Israeli army has named HaZayit (the olive) crossing, private Palestinian persons founded an installation for Corona-virus testing. But this was done without coordination between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli army (for present political reasons), so the Israeli army simply demolished the structure and confiscated testing equipment. All this happened a week ago.