Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz and Natanya Ginsburg
Etzion DCL - the waiting room

Amira Hass joined us for this shift. 

A young man had had his tractor confiscated in the area of Beit Ula. He was working for a man who had the documents to prove it was his own land but the tractor was confiscated on the grounds that he was working in area C. The area was 3 kilometres from the fence but they would not hear anything. They also took his phone and that of his brother and only returned the phones towards the evening. We advised him to contact Malak from LEAP. 

An Arab Israeli had his new car confiscated because he was too close to the separation in Hebron. He came with his lawyer and was furious. They had been told that someone would come to speak to them, but when we left no one had arrived. 

The family of a man were returning to Holland. They have Palestinian and Dutch passports. They intended to travel back through Ben Gurion airport, through which only the mother had been granted permission. She is an invalid in her 70s in a wheel chair and the father in his 80s who is after a stroke and half blind. We spoke to S., whose number we had received, who spoke to the young man and said he would give him a reply on Thursday. 

Why should two elderly and sick people have to go through days of worry? 

28.7.2022    Glad to report that the three people will be returning to Holland from where they came.