Barta'a checkpoint: they broke through a fence, were caught, reprimanded

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Ruthi Tuval and Hannah Heller (Reporting), Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

North 20.07.2021 AfternoonEid Ul Fitir [The Muslim Holiday of the Sacrifice] – 15:25-16:30

On our way to Tura Checkpoint near the small mosque in the seamline zone we saw a family getting out of a car dressed in holiday clothes.  They were walking towards the hole in the fence to visit relatives in the West Bank.

Tura – Shaked Checkpoint –15:30 A group of men in holiday clothes from the village of Arara near Jenin were crossing to attend a wedding in Um Reihan in the seamline zone after receiving a special permit to cross at Tura and to remain in the seamline zone for four days.  One of them told us that he is a merchant and has a permanent permit to cross at Barta’a Checkpoint.

Several families and cars crossed in both directions.

A young man who works in a bakery in Haifa returned to Tura, and was pleased to talk about his experiences with our driver Pierre.

Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint, 16:00 – We passed by the hole in the separation barrier near Route 611.  Soldiers from the border patrol caught two Palestinians who had planned to cross through the hole and wrote them a reprimand.