Hebron: Routine is the whip of the occupation

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Hagit Bak report and photos
בולדרים חוסמים כביש ביניהם עובר איש רכוב על חמור

July 18, 2021

It’s very hot.

At Meitar checkpoint we see lots of cars. With Eid Al Adha coming up (holiday of sacrifice), many Palestinians were issued permits to enter Israel for family visits and the like. The opening in the Separation Fence, too, shows heavy traffic.

Takeover of Palestinian lands continues – the sheep ranch method is working. This time it’s ‘Havat Yehuda’. A week ago, Thursday, there was still nothing around. Today there is already a water pipe, a paved road and tree saplings planted along it, as well as a caravan. We did not actually see the flock. The ranch is located right across from the gate of the older settler-colony Sham’a. As soon as we got there, the camerainfo-icon wars were waged… The family living there is in fact related to Noam Arnon from the Jewish settler-colony inside Hebron (its younger generation).

Passage to Qilqis was nearly open. The work on the road are being completed and a roundabout has been built. People from Qilqis will now be able to reach Hebron. Since 2001 the entrance to that village had been blocked.  Today it still was, and only the donkey came through, but one can be optimistic…

In Hebron, the Golani infantry brigade replaced Giv’ati. The army works are being held in the area separating Kiryat Arba settler-colony and Hebron. The pillbox post has been taken down and an army base and new pillbox are being erected.

Many skull-cap wearers have come to the Cave of the Fathers, for today is a Jewish special date. But nothing out of the ordinary happened this week…

We broke the fast at the Tel Rumeida grocery.