Accompanying shepherds in Hamra

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Gil H., Hagar G. (Reporting) Danah E.C., Translation

08.00 – 14.30

Today's bonus: The shepherd, at Gil's request, draws a local map with local names for various slopes and hills, starting at the "corner of Palestine", followed by a large stone structure given the name Rojum, each hill and wadi having their own names.

We are reminded of forgotten half-lit corners from our childhood and with a smile the memory map is revived. That is, the meaning of "place" is embodied in walking and staying in it every season, in repeating its name, in remembering it while resting in the pasture, while a sheep kneels to give birth .. The landscape is built every day anew.

I will rewrite the names in Arabic and when we next accompany him, we will check our proficiency with the shepherd.

Today's shift was marred by a blockade at the inner gravel road by the local settler in his car. Stood there, and didn't budge.

We turned off our engine. We waited.
He left and we drove on, parked the car near the pools and a walked to the shepherd's house.