Khalat Brush: We drove, we handed out. we returned.

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Rachel A., reported + 2 more guests

We transferred a donation of mattresses, from a factory in Kfar Qassem, which produces covers for mattresses (manufactured in Hebron) that came to "Kitchen of Pesia" (an organization that deals with social services) and from there with us to the Jordan Valley. It is a combination that proves how a normal cohabitation will take place one day in the future.

We distributed about 40 mattresses, duvets and bags of dry food, in Hadidya, Khalat Makhol and Maita. With the help of Shlomo and Zivia Shapira's van and cart and a big thank you to them. It was a missionary journey... we arrived. we handed out. we returned.

Thanks to Zvika and Hadassah who are always happy to initiate and help.