Habla - the holes in the wall attract the young

Nina S., Herzliya E. Translator: Judith Green

Ordinary occupation day, everything is working and everyone knows what their job is.

Opening hours:  13:30 - 14:00

13:30.  No one is waiting.  There are remainders of food thrown about in the shed, under the benches and on the sides.  Food containers, trays, paper and bottles.  Lots of people ate there and  didn't bother to collect the leftovers which all turned into trash.  It is surprising that for the number of years we have been coming here, there was never so much filth.  We don't know who is responsible for cleaning the place.  A quick glance at one of the containers which rolled in our direction revealed a few sentences in Hebrew.  Maybe soldiers or hikers were there and left whatever there was for the glory of the State of Israel.

The holes in the fence attract youth who go through them with agility, including bicycle owners which look pretty complicated.  Later on some soldiers said that they do close up the gaps, but the Palestinians (especially the youth someone passing by in a car told us) who learned to break through and use them as a passageway to their village and back.  But, according to a soldier - in the end, they are all just going to  work.

A military vehicle arrives with soldiers who came to check the passage of Palestinians through the breaks in the fence.  To catch them?  They want to know why we are there.  We explain.  One of the soldiers asks directly:  for or against Bibi?  Afterwards, he directs a few nasty remarks at us.

13:45  The military police arrive and the passage of those waiting and the vehicles takes place efficiently and quickly.  They don't allow a yellow taxi to go through, since he doesn't have a permit, so the driver had to park behind the gate of Habla and go through on foot.  A taxi driver with an Israeli license plate who goes through the gate in order to turn his car around in the area of the gate - where it is simply easier to navigate a turn - and then to return from where he had come, a female soldier informs that he is not allowed to do this in the seam areainfo-icon.

14:00 The gatesinfo-icon close.  They allow those who arrive at the last minute, when the gates are already closing, to go through anyway.