DCO Etzion: A voice in the void

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Shomit Steinitz, Natanay Ginsburg (reporting)
דלת ובה חלונות אטומים בזכוכית כהה וקרטון

This is what the Palestinians who come to the DCO find facing them....not only a dark window but a cardboard in the window so that no one can even try to peer in. The machine which once gave out the numbers is mute, as is the water container and the women's toilet which is , as always locked and bolted. The cleaner told us that there is a problem with the water supply and we reckon that the army does not know how to use Google to find one.

No one answers the calls for a soldier to come to the window. Sometimes a voice comes out of the void ordering someone to come in by the door to the GSS.

And to make sure that the Palestinians realize how lowly they are, they manage....those who are thin enough to do so....by manipulating the carousell  to wriggle like worms and get into the area of the offices.

Nearly everyone who came was there for the GSS or the police. But we were kept busy explaining to them how to contact Sylvia and her team. There were two men who as youths had thrown stones and had sat in prison....why do they not realize that only settlers are allowed to throw stones...and have been "prevented" for seven years. But we have to ask with tears in our eyes....when will the Palestinians realize that a stone thrown by a settler or the religious Jews is one thrown in the name of God. whereas their stones are not even kosher. 

One young man, recently married, came to have his wife's data entered in the computer and was told that the Palestinian Authority had to do so