...so they act as if there is a barrier

Rachel A.(reporting) Ruchama S. Lea A.
...so they act as if there is a barrier

Irtah  6:45 Israeli employers are waiting for workers. The current closureinfo-icon is over. Few soldiers are walking outside. No workers at all. It turns out that the news is not yet widespread. It is possible to move only to workers with new permits. The vast majority probably do not have appropriate credentials.

Jabara 7:00 - Very few workers pass through Tulkarem. The soldiers do their job quietly. with no pressure. Some of the workers are refused and go back, trying their luck elsewhere. Uncertainty reigns everywhere. We tell them that the Bartah checkpoint is open and they inform us that they have no new Assyrians.

Everything is fine. Everyone does their part. As we continue on the road we see a hammer blocking the tunnel road and a column of vehicles from both directions accumulates and is collected. Suddenly realize that all the mess is somewhere else and not where we are. Park to see how this "barrier" develops. In a few minutes, everything settles down and opens to traffic.

Anabta 8:00 - The temporary checkpoint that was at the intersection is gone. We went inside towards the gate. The gate is wide open. The place is empty.
Within a minute, 2 taxis arrive from both directions and change passengers. As the barrier is there, and in full action. But there is none.
Why did they switch taxis? The driver says that 10 minutes ago it was closed and maybe they will close again soon, so they act as if there is a barrier.