At-Tuwani – arresting Nasser Nawaj’a

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Mohammed, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, Operation Alot Hashahar. There is less pressure at the checkpoint; many workers do not come, because it is impossible to work in agriculture and construction in the areas surrounding Gaza. The roads are freer and you don't see police or army vehicles and there are no roadblocks along Route 60.

The entrances to Hebron, Al Fawwar Junction are also open.


On the At-Tuwani road, the developing and growing vineyards can be seen, also in the area of Ma'on and Carmel. Preserved and cared for...(by the settlers who are well cared for too).

We arrived in At-Tuwani, after the army entered the village at 3:30 at night, to guard  worshippers, who came to pray near the remains of what was claimed to be a synagogue, but are really the remains of a church.


At the same time, as if in preparation, at 12:00 at night, Nasser from Susiya, a human rights activist, was arrested, apparently to prevent him from documenting the aforementioned event.


The worshipers arrived at 5 in the morning in 2 buses, when the village was closed and cordoned off by the army. Activists and residents shouted their protests against the night invasion...


When we arrived at noon in At-Tuwani, we talked with Sina, an activist in the village, who told about what happened at night (all the activists were still sleeping, after the stormy night) and that they still do not know what is happening with Nasser. Haven't heard from him yet!


[7.8, 8:09] Standing Tegether Semadar: