Jayyus - no vaccines so there are many sick people.

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Daniela Gordonת Telephone report with N. Translator: Charles K.

N. proudly reported he’d received his second vaccination today.  He’s aware of the “corona closureinfo-icon” of the checkpoints but hasn’t personally experienced it.  Even though there were a number of cases in the village, including in his family.  His son and their family were sick, as well as his daughter who’s a nurse.  She caught it when she returned to work at the hospital and also infected her two-year-old daughter.  Thank God they’ve all recovered.  You know, he says, we don’t have any vaccines so there are many sick people.

He wasn’t near any of his ill relatives, so he’s working.  He’s in Modi’in these days, because “that’s what’s available,” and since there aren’t many problems at the checkpoints these days he returns home on Friday and returns to work Sunday morning.

I’m amazed at his steadfastness in helping organize transportation for those recovering.  He found volunteers in the north, south and central parts of the West Bank so he now receives fewer phone calls – usually when there are problems to be solved.

N. sends warm regards to everyone in Machsom Watch.