Creeping Annexation and Ramadan

Neta Golan, Hannah Heller and Adina (a guest)

Tura-Shaked checkpoint 15.30

An Israeli Ambulance passes through the checkpoint speedily and continues towards the West Bank. Four Palestinian cars loaded with men, women and many children enter the Separation Fence area.  An aura of the beginning of the Ramadan month

On the roads at the Seam-line Zone and the West Bank, flags of the Shomron Regional Council and Israeli flags are fluttering in the wind - adding to the ambience of our Independence Day. The creeping Annexation advances, and along the roads in the Seam Zone electric cables have  already been placed and the bases for lighting posts have been prepared. 

Ya'bed-Dotan Checkpoint 16.15

The checkpoint isn't manned, and the Jenin-Tulkarm road sports lively traffic in both direction.  The fields on both sides of the road have recently been planted and are now covered by plastic sheets

Barta'a-Reihan checkpoint 16.40 

The large parking lot and its adjascant road are relatively empty, probably due to the workers' early return home for the Ramadan.  The holiday preparations are also apparent in the kiosk, as its dining areas are covered by cloth.  An East-Barta'a resident coming back from Jenin with several days worth of groceries tells us that he was detained in the terminal for 40 minutes  while his groceries were painstakingly examined. He tells us that he'd been working at a university in Nicosia, Cyprus, but worsening conditions there compelled him to return

  Workers from Barta'a, Harish and Israel arrive and go down to the terminal through the sleeveinfo-icon.  Some of them, perhaps workers who stay overnight at their job sites who are now coming home for the Ramadan period.  Conversing with us they all complain about the long sleeve (which was recently doubled in length) that they must walk through from the parking lot to the terminal