Hebron, Khursa: The soldiers in the pillbox block the road as usual

Telephone reports by Hagit on Hebron and Hursa. Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

Report During the Corona Crisis: Hebron and Khursa: The good thing about Corona is that the settlers are quiet.


G.A. from Hebron told me that most of his time is now spent in the park near his home.  In that way, both of us are very similar.  At first, the settlers ganged up, shouted, and cursed but now he seldom sees them.  There are severe closureinfo-icon instructions and the Palestinian police enforce them.  The soldiers let any cross who wishes to. 

A. lives near the Zion route and the Worshipers’ Route.  It is now quite there, and he feels that this is the good thing about the Corona crisis. 

He told me to take care of myself and I try to do that.


T. called to ask how I was doing. He speaks excellent Hebrew.  He tells me that the only cars he sees belong to settlers from Negohot.  The soldiers on guard duty in the pillbox block the road as usual, but no one is going by.  There is a problem with the supply of gas tanks, which requires special approval by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.  The health instructions call for people to remain at home and people are following them.  He is concerned about the upcoming month of Ramadan.  Prayers in the mosques have been canceled.