Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Hagit Back (reporting and photographing); Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

On road 60 checkpoints "only" at the exit from Dahariya and under the pillbox in Abda.

On our way back the Border Police standat the Sheep Junction.

It came to our attention that a school "El Nahda" in Hebron in the Abu Snan neighborhood, which is located in Area H1, has recently been suffering from multiple casualties of tear gas from the Israeli amry. The school is under the pillbox and the military camp next to it. The children are aged between five to fourteen, and constitute a "threat" to our soldiers. We arrived at the school and met with the principal and some students so that they should at least see an Israeli of a different kind.

A video with the principal is on MachsomWatch's Facebook page and mine.

In the images below: The sight of the children after gas inhalation.

IDF soldiers detain a group of Americans traveling up Tel Rumeida together with a Palestinian guide. The moment I arrive and say that they are holding me back too, the soldiers release us all.

The next time they come they will not be allowed to enter the country.

On the parking lot of the Tomb of the Patriarchs, huge tents are being prepared for hosting the Life of Sara affair

Ofer Ohana is pleased that the head of the council will be Eliahu Liebman, who is more extreme than Malachi Levinger, the current council head.

How many times can you write that there is nowhere to lead the shame and anger.

"How does HannA jablonka write? The children are fine."

The children after inhaling tear gas
The children after inhaling tear gas
Soldiers hindering a group of Americans with a Palestinian guide from going to Tel Rumeida