Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal 

10:40 when we arrived a woman asked for our help, her son worked in Israel without a permit, was imprisoned several times and became a police prevented. We gave her instructions how to try and remove the police prevention. We gave instructions as well to an older man, both his sons are GSS prevented, as to how to remove the prevention. His employer, a resident of Beitar Illit who accompanied him, said he would help him with the process of the removal. The father said that his sons had a car wash business in the village. Someone falsely accused them, the business had to be closed and they became GSS prevented although they were never charged nor jailed. He went on to say that the Civil Administration had seized one of his machines. A lawyer dealt with the matter and was told that it will be returned, and that the owner of the machine can come and pick it up. He called a few times the phone number that was given to him to find out how he could retrieve the machine, but was unable to talk to anyone. They do not answer the phone. 

A man, who introduced himself as an employee of the Authority, said he was trying to arrange a permit at the airport for a Jordanian merchant who for some reason the Jordanians are not letting into their country. A young man complained that he has been waiting for three hours for a GSS interrogation and they haven’t let him in yet. We spoke with the soldier, next to him stood a GSS man who said they’ll let him in shortly.  

There are still no magnetic cards. People who wanted a new card did not get one. Cards that had expired were extended until 2017.