Azzun - Corona, a serious accident

Rachel A.
תאונה קשה בכביש מול הכניסה לעזון
הצומת חסומה
פקק של מכוניות

'A., who works in building in a settlement. lhad his permit nullified a month and a half ago.  However, the guard at the settlement sometimes allows him to enter, and sometimes not.  It isn't clear on what this depends.  According to him, he did not upload the "munsac"  (new digital chat box for Palestinians) to his mobile phone, since the PA forbids it, because of the cessation of coordination with the army, and those who use it are threatened.  (this claim must be checked out)

Concerning Corona, it has been half a year since the Palestinian economy was paralyzed for 2 months, and then returned to partial operation which is unstable, disorganized, and with no economic support for those who lost their livelihood.  There has been 50% support for public officials, teachers, policemen and whoever was employed by the PNA.  It is a very very difficult situation.  People are beginning to starve.  As expected, crime (theft) has increased all over.  Banks, jewelry shops, and what else?  Everywhere was the answer.

There was a serious accident on the highway opposite the entrance to Azun.  A bus crashed into a private car.  I heard on the radio that 4 people were killed.  The crossroad was closed by the IDF and police and numerous cars.  People from the village filled the area.  The traffic jam reached the. entrance to Nebi Elias.  

Phone calls and messages and WhatsApp which I received today:  Y. recorded a message that he is sick with Corona.  L. sent a message that he has no more food.  G. said that he was swallowing pills in order to forget the situation, and B. went up to the roof to pray.  I asked what he suggested.  He said:  patience.