Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Leah S. and A. (who may join the shifts on a permanent base.); Translator: Natanya

Morning shift at Metiar

5.45 -7.00

A normal day of the occupation.


We  came in the dark towards sunrise. The area was crowded with cars to transport the workers. Palestinians who had already gone through hurried to their transport which was waiting for them on the side of the road. It is so crowded on the Palestinian side as well that it is hard to find parking. The passage in the shed is swift and the turnstiles squeak regularly. Two lines behind the turnstiles. The vendors in straight lines are serving  those hurrying to work. On the side older  workers wait to go  through later according to the instructions of the DCO. Now and again someone returns through the second turnstile, his work permit is not valid, either because the GSS gave instructions or because the employer  has changed his mind and not informed  his worker. The computer at the checkpoint makes the fatal decision. A few people are interested in us.they stop and answer our questions. About 7000 people pass here each day, on Sundays 9000. Also today there is a visit of the families of prisoners. And truly a bus arrived and women and children descend. They join the line of workers which is no longer so long. We saw them get on to another bus on the Israeli side. 7 am and the vendors are closing up, some will comeback in the afternoon. An ordinary day and as we say all is well.