South Hebron - concern about a military training with tanks in Jinba

Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Sunday,  the Meitar checkpoint is shut  because of the  closureinfo-icon. The roads are almost empty, except for trucks that are allowed to pass at the checkpoint.

We arrived in A-Tuwani where they are under a lot of pressure, because the army wants to carry out training in the Susiya area, and to that end they intend to arrive with tanks and APCs, from Arad, through the village with ancient Jinba buildings. (One has to see the village and its roads to understand how dangerous that can be). The training is supposed to be with stun grenades and live weapons, in an area where people are living, children are walking around and this besides being  dangerous also scares them.

Why is it impossible to cross a main road, why do you have to pass through a village and cause damage and why carry out training near a civilian population ???? Because they  can ????

The questions were addressed to the army through the Palestinian link and through lawyers, and other caring Israelis ....The inhabitants ask for help preventing this training, which is to take place this week

We continued to Umm Fukara. It is relatively calm at Fadel's, there are no special events with the army or the settlers. He does not go to work because of the closure. We brought a lot of clothes, they have a solar panel, so there is electricity, but not enough for water heating. Tough conditions and very cold ......

Waiting for the end of the closure.