Habla - children can pass without a birth certificate

Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting); Translator: Hanna K.

As if everything were alright.

1:30 – Owing to an error we arrived late and there we learned from the soldiers that the opening hours are 1:10 to 2:05. They were also nice and told us that until now 10 persons left. The traffic at noon is slow and we therefore were able to count the entries and the exits. Persons: 8 entered, 4 exited. Cars: 4 entered and 5 exited. Trucks: 4 entered and 3 exited.

There were a few unusual cases: a car with children without birth certificates were forced to return. They drove to Habla and brought the certificates which were meticulously checked, and then they went out.

A man with a vehicle asked to enter for a quarter of an hour, and the soldiers enabled him to do so without being checked.

A young man with a cart and horse arrived and the soldiers did let him go out. We asked why and they told us that the lad stole from Jewish houses around, and therefore he doesn’t receive an exit permit. How do they know? The matter was discovered with the help of the security cameras which are put up in the area.