Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Michal Ts. (reporting); Translator: Tal H.

It’s a very cold, foggy day. The weather must be bothering everyone, it seems.
We see no action whatsoever.

We entered through the Tarqumiya Checkpoint, as instructed.
Everything seems quiet at this time, all the workers have already gone through.
On Road 35 everything is quiet, all entrances to Hebron are open, no blocking.

Hebron, likewise, is quite and empty, only the Israeli army shows “respectable” presence at every corner – paratroopers and the Border Police with all its policemen and women.
Yehuda Shaul of “Breaking the Silence” is there with guests, being interviewed in English.

On our way back road 60 is deserted and seems quiet. The blocked entrance to Deir Razih from Road 60 has been opened.