'Awarta, Burin (Yitzhar), Madama

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Hadas K. (guest), Irit S. (reporting, photos), Judith G. (trnslator)
The goals we set for ourselves during this shift were:
1.  Meeting with the head of the village of Burin, which had been co-ordinated a week earlier for the hour of 4 PM, after he returns from his daily work.  During the week, the connection didn't work, in spite of telephone calls and messages which were sent.  When we arrived at the city hall, it turned out that he had to travel to Ramallah.  Maybe the confusion was deliberate.  A day later, an article appeared in the HaAretz weekly magazine about the digital control in the occupied territories.
2.  A meeting was planned in Madama with the head of the village.  A week earlier, a flash drive had been given to him so that he could copy films and photos of the attacks of settlers from Itzhar on a farmer from Madama on 3.1.16.  Also this time, disappointment:  the man for whom we were looking was not at home.
3.  A visit to historic holy graves which are found within the village of Awarta and suffer from the "Hillulot" celebrations of the Itamar settlers.  Walter Benjamin wrote about such a thing: "Also the booty which is displayed in victory processions is called 'cultural property'."


A historical map which shows the grave of the Sheikh Mufadi clearly


Israeli map, from "mapa", showing how the graves turned to be Jewish