Hebron: The occupation works all the time. There is nothing new in this horror

Hagit Back (report and photos)
חברון: שוטרי משמר הגבול עסוקים במשימה כלשהי

So what else did we see today:

Flying checkpoints and soldiers standing nearly on every junction of road 60.

Hebron is as empty as a ghost town.

A new white-painted fence has been put up on the Prayers’ Road from Kiryat Arba settler-colony to Hebron.

Works are ongoing on ‘disputed house’ and there will be a parking problem there that will bother Palestinians.

At ‘Beit Ha-Machpela’ a porch has been built on the upper floor.

Paratroopers have replaced the Nahal soldiers.

A new Palestinian kindergarten has been constructed near the Prayers’ Road.

Hate graffiti has been written and erased, one slur remains.

The people we met were glad to see us and do not believe in the Corona virus. We were careful.

Besides, no news in this horror.