Jordan Valley: Settlers attack Palestinian shepherds and herds every day

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Rina Tzur and a guest

The families of the shepherds we visited in Khirbet Makhul and Ein El Hilweh have complained that lately they have been attacked almost every day in the pastures by the settlers from the new outposts and continuity. The purpose of these is clear - to expel them and prevent them from grazing the herds. The army helps the settlers expel the shepherds. By this time of late summer there is already very little grass left in the fields so grazing is essential for shepherds because if there is no grazing they will have to buy more food for the sheep, and even without that they hardly have money to buy food for the family. A police car was parked at the Ein al Hilweh junction. The cops detained us and took our IDs. They also recorded the vehicle number. When we asked what the reason was they refused to answer. After a few minutes the certificates were returned.

14.10 - At the Ma'ale Ephraim checkpoint, soldiers stop and check Palestinian cars entering the Jordan Valley. 

14.25 - At the Za'atara checkpoint, two soldiers stopped a Palestinian vehicle and took one of the passengers in the direction of the military compound. 

As usual we distributed bags with clothes, blankets and toys to families in Umm Jimel, Al Mita and Burj.

We were told that local elections will be held this week, also in the shepherd communities in the north of the Jordan Valley. An 8-member council will be elected, and they will elect the Mukhtar. Now Mehdi is the Mukhtar.