South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Ariela and Michal (repoting); Translator: Natanya

Despite the municipal elections, there was no closureinfo-icon.

Nevertheless, there is little traffic of civilians and the army. The checkpoint of Abda has been closed for a few days, the rest are open and there are no soldiers at any intersection.

We decided not to enter Hebron.

We went to Susiya to hear and see if there was any development regarding the threat of their evacuation.

Azzam with a beard still mourns his father who died a few months ago. Believe me, he says, there is not a minute that he is not in my head. It is very hard for me without him, even though he died  at a very good age and in a good condition.

Mohammad's son-in-law is still waiting for an answer from Sylvia, perhaps he will be given his work permit after being caught as an illegal worker. But there is not much hope.

There is a new babyinfo-icon, Azzam’s  daughter, Sarah. He, too, has a heart defect like his two-year-old brother who has already undergone surgery. Again they are worried about how to get to the good doctors in Makassed. The PA is a partial helper and that's very lucky. He scrapes from here and there, he tells me

Even Wadha has problems with her heart, arrhythmias, and they are planning to travel to Ramallah today, where they will put in a device for a week to measure the heart rate. And they will have to travel a long way and return in the night. It is best at home, he says.

I was glad he had olive oil for sale and olives. I bought two jerry cans of oil and three kilograms of olives for processing.

The noble and wise Azzam, and Wadha with her good and bright eye.
What is the position in regard to  the threats? I do not know. This time they do not tell us. They  know about Khan al-Ahmar.

A week ago, a tent in Halat al-Mae was demolished in front of the Carmel settlement.

The army destroyed the tent of Khader, who lives next to him in Susiya.

That is the position.

A constant state of uncertainty and inability to control their lives and they are still strong.