South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Mira (reporting), Muhammad (driving and translating); Translator: Natanya

Tour of kindergartens

We decided to examine which kindergartens exist in the south-east of Hebron. There is a general problem concerning the salaries of the teachers. .The PA does not finance them , nor does Israel.  The kindergarten opened but today Huda is fasting before the festival of Id al Adha and so it is closed. We did not visit her but only spoke to herr.

Susiya. We visited Azzam. There is a permanent problem concerning the water. The water pipes of the settlement pass next to their homes. They asked Mekorot to be connected but got no answer. They draw water from the water hole which they built and also bring in tankers. As always there is the permanent problem of the demolition orders. The settlement of Susiya is growing and threatening the Palestinian village. We were offered the best of fruits, labaneh, olive oil and Zatre and of course tea.  Azzam says there is no kindergarten. It was close to the school but has closed.

We drove to the school  where we were received very pleasantly and with pleasure. But it was a short visit because the school bell rang and the teachers had to leave. There are only about 50 children there. The teachers come from Yatta, the children from Susiya. The way there is very difficult. The principal complains bitterly about the checkpoint  which is below the army base (why does one need a checkpoint between Yatta and Susiya?). each morning they are stopped and delayed. In the evenings too. They have to leave the cars and both they and the cars are inspected. They are humiliated …even though the same teachers pass through the checkpoint each morning. He confirms that the kindergarten is closed as there is no building.

Umm al Kheir. We did not meet Delal and Ichlas, the kindergarten teachers, but we spoke with A. who lives in the tents at the entrance. He asked us to help “found” a kindergarten. He promised to help by guarding the materials. We arranged to meet after the holiday.

Tuwani. Naim of the grocery shop asked us to try to persuade Intisar' so as to open a kindergarent. There is a beautiful building immediately at the entrance to the village - near the clinic. Intisar, a young energetic woman, greeted us warmly. She wants to reopen the garden, but there is no equipment, no wages, and perhaps there were also internal problems of the village. She would turn to the village council - perhaps organize a small fee for the parents. We offered help with equipment and activities. She is happy and interested in to cooperate with us . We promised to return after the holiday and see how to continue. So if there is anyone who has anything relevant to the equipment of a kindergarten it will be a great help.