Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Michal (photographing and reporting); Translator:  Charles K.

Southern Hebron Hills, Hebron

Soldiers everywhere, weapons drawn.

The entrance to Al-Fawwar:



The entrance to Dura:

unnamed (1)_0.jpg


A patrol near the Yehuda brigade headquarters:



Beit ‘Anun junction.  The entrance to Shuyukh is closed:

unnamed (1)_1.jpg


On the other side of the road, at the entrance to Hebron, the concrete barriers that have “decorated” this location for months are being removed.  We wonder what it will look like now:

unnamed (2)_0.jpg


At the Kvasim (sheep) junction sheep market soldiers monitored traffic coming from Rehia to Hebron but the entrance to Hebron was open; soldiers were stationed there.


It’s quiet.  Very few people on the streets, the few stores still operating aren’t open yet at 09:00-09:30.

A teacher descending the stairs from the Cordova school must show her ID to the soldier stationed in the booth who ensures that only people permitted to cross may ascend and descend these steps.  And why?  Because they’re opposite Beit Hadassah.  So who cares whether people live there and there’s a school for girls, with pupils and teachers?  Who cares about their right to a normal life when the Hebron settlers must be protected?