South Hebron Hills

Ariela, Smadar, Michal (photographing and reporting); ; Translator: Natanya
טרקטור חופר באמצע הדרך וחיילים סביבו

Just after Susiya in front of Qawasis

The entrance to the village of Sha'ab al Butum was blocked the day before. We saw the barricade as one can see in the photograph. It is unclear why life should be made so difficult. In that area we saw the olive groves damaged by the settlers

Last week 30 trees were destroyed and 160 two weeks ago. All belonging to one family.

We drove to the family of Abu Kbeita, near the Beit Yatir checkpoint.

For a long time, Mahmoud complained about one worker's bullying at the checkpoint towards the family. We were delighted to hear that Gilad,, the checkpoint manager had handled  the problem as he had promised me and the attitude was back to normal.

Mahmoud is still waiting for his daughter who now lives in Yatta due to her marriage, will receive the permit to return and visit her parents' home where she was raised and educated. Gabriel Gerber of the DCO  had promised to handle the matter many months ago. It is not clear why this is so complicated.

Mahmoud says: Lucky for me that my faith gives me the hope that justice will one day prevail and everyone will receive his reward from Allah.

We hope so too.