Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, South Hebron Hills

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Ariela (reporing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
מפת האזור
הכבשים והאבנים מתערבבות זו בזו וקשה להבדיל ביניהן

Many Palestinians were seen returning to the PA territories laden with blankets and equipment that looked as if they were or were preparing for a long stay in Israel. Unfortunately, we did not get to talk to them.

At the Meitar checkpoint on the Palestinian side, parking is full. Many crowd under the tree near the breach in the fence. The crossing is closed and only merchants are allowed to cross.

Since there is a corona eruption in the PA and especially in the southern Hebron Mountains, we decided to drive to Route 317 which splits from Route 60. The traffic of Palestinian vehicles was very sparse and the army did not show any presence.

The entrance to Samoa from Route 60 was open and the harvesters were on their way to pick up the fruits of the harvest.

The entrances to Dahariya, Karma and Abda are both open and Dura - El fawwar Junction is open in all directions.

The entrance to Kikilis has been closed for many years.

The Sheep Junction is closed by order of the Palestinian Authority.

We got off Route 60 to Route 356 to Pnei Haver  and from there we continued to Route 317 (map attached).

At the bus station of the Carmel settlement, a large sign against the annexation warns against the establishment of a state of Palestine. It is strange to be on the same side with the settlers though not for the same reasons.

Further down the road the landscape does not know about Corona. The sheep and the stones mix with each other and it is difficult to distinguish between them

Near Mitzpe Abigail the road is being improved and further along the road a new water line is being laid to the Susiya settlement of course. The right to water belongs to Jews only.