Southern Hebron Mountains: Everyone on the roof is a mortal

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Hagit Back (report, photos)

South Hebron Hills: Anyone seen on a rooftop is to be shot to death

At Meitar Checkpoint and its surroundings attempts people are obviously trying to return
to “normal” – in the early morning it was very crowded. The car park was full and people were crossing through the hold in the fence, unhampered.

Everyone wants to make a living.

We drove for a condolence visit to the Titi family at the Al Fawar refugee camp. Their son Hussein Atiya Titi was murdered by Israeli soldiers on May 12, in the midst of the “Guardian of the Walls” aggressions.

He returned from his workday and climbed up to the roof of the house. Apparently Israeli soldiers were ‘shoot to kill’ anyone seen on a rooftop.

I consulted with M., the grocer at the entrance to the village, whether to go to the family home or not. A year ago I visited them after another of their family was killed exactly the same way…

M. thought I should not go. The family members are aching, sad, and terribly angry.

The grocery was full of children who got to see an Israeli woman apologizing…

Several of the family members came to the grocery and I offered my condolences. There is so much rage that needs to be checked, they said. It will not end as long as we do not speak.

There are many people arrested from the community, and plenty of soldiers entered homes.

There are no limits to my feeling of helplessness.