'Azzun, Falamiya

Karin L., Shoshi A. (reporting and photographing). Translator:  Charles K.


Ramadan, Shavuot 


כזון פלאמייה כביש.jpg
Construction of the bypass of Highway 55 around Nabi Ilyas and ‘Izbet Tabib is proceeding rapidly.  Where once olive trees stood, which were uprooted, now heavy equipment is digging and levelling the land.  The demonstrations we had participated in didn’t help.  Soon settlers will be able to drive on a new road without running into Palestinians, the landowners.  30.5.2017


חמור ורוכבו במחסום פלאמיה.jpg
Leaving the Falamiya checkpoint


חממות בדרך לפלמיה.jpg
Many greenhouses along the way to Falamiya.  30.5.2017



Our first stop.  We drop off parcels at Z.’s shop.  He’s doing better, and we’re happy.

Falamya north, checkpoint 914 

12:45  The military vehicle arrives on time.

One person drives in briefly to open a water main.  Just to be sure, the MP holds onto his ID.

12 people leave on foot (including two women), 5 on bicycles, 6 tractors, one car and a farmer riding a donkey. Most are young, speaking neither Hebrew nor English.  After going through on foot they get rides on the tractors.One tells us that laborers fasting during Ramadan stay home, but landowners go to work half a day in their fields – they have no choice.  The sacks on the tractors are stuffed with za’atar.

13:00  Everyone who had arrived crossed and the unit waits for the Palestinian who drove in to open the water main.

Falamya south checkpoint 935

Many greenhouses along the way.  Relocation of the fence had allowed farmers easier access to their lands and they utilize it to raise various crops.  If only the High Court would order the dismantling of the walls separating the Palestinian farmers from their land, and allow them all to work and earn a living

13:20  The gate opens.

Entering:  two people on foot, 1 tractor.  Exiting:  1 car, 1 tractor

By 13:30, everyone had crossed.