Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 only a few cars were parked in the parking lot and in the waiting hall only three people waited. All three were summoned to a meeting with Israel Security Agency ISA (Sabak) . Because until Thursday no magnetic cards will be issued only those three arrived. The officer in-charge had posted a notice about postponing the card issuing to Thursday, but not in a noticeable spot, so that those who did arrive did not understand why they weren’t let in.

A lean and pale man 58 years old approached us and said that for many years he worked in Beitar Ilit. Recently he was forced to stop working because he had become ISA prevented since his son confessed to throwing stones. He supports a family and really need to work and therefore applied for removal of the prevention. He was told that in three months he will receive an answer to his request. A young man asked for advice – he as well is ISA prevented. His mother lives in Beit Safafa and he cannot visit her home. We instructed him how to try and remove the prevention. We guided in that matter a young man who is police prevented and sought advice. Another young man told us that he came with his cousins to ​​apply for a permit to enter Jerusalem to visit the family of their deceased uncle who died in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. But they realized that only immediate family members can obtain such permit.  
Several people arrived and were immediately entered. Things run smoothly. There was no pressure.