Kufr Jammal - report in Corona days

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Nina Sebba; Translator: Judith Green

Report in Corona days

Phone call from Kufr Jammal

I spoke now, on the morning of Monday, 30.3,20 with Z. from Kufr Jammal.  He was very happy to receive a call.  The whole family is in their house in closureinfo-icon, as is the whole village.  The grocery store is functioning and also the distribution of gas continues, but the checkpoint to the fields is closed.  That means that there is no harvesting of the za'atar and tomatoes and the rest of the crops that are grown in this seam zone between the fence and the Green Line.  This is a loss for them of income;  very soon they will have to start watering and, if they don't, all the planting in these fields will go to waste.