Update during Corona: Jayyus

Raia transfers telephone reporting. Translator: Charles K.

I talked to N. about conditions in the village.  He thanked me very much for calling and sent regards to our colleagues.

Jayyus numbers some 5500 residents.  The population is varied.  There aren’t any wealthy people, only some who have a little more than the others.  The wealthy people in Jayyus live in the Gulf states and would come for summer vacation to be with their families.

Conditions are very difficult.  N. used to work in Israel but hasn’t been working, nor has he been paid for the two weeks he did work.  The future is unknown.

He’s preparing the plot next to his house; he’ll probably plant mulukhiyya.  Other vegetables take longer to grow and require more water.  One must consider everything.

These days, people think only about food.  He’s ashamed to face his children because he isn’t making a living.

His son, who’s employed by the Palestinian Authority, will receive only half pay, like all Authority employees.

Banks are now allowing people to postpone repayments, but only for four months.  After that, who knows?

Five construction workers from the village have remained in Israel to work.  People are angry at them.  What will happen when they return in two months?  People fear being infected.

In general, there’s great anxiety about the illness.  Even in normal times, the hospitals don’t meet the needs.

They keep hoping.