Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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M. and Ariela;Translator: Natanya
על גג הדיואן בח'ורסה הוסיפו תלתליות

For various reasons we left  this time at noon. Meitar  was quite busy and the parking lot was full.

We spoke to someone from Deir Razih who said that the army comes to them all the time, stops construction work but has not yet demolished buildings. At the entrance to the dirt road leading to the place is the red sign warning against entering area A.

We drove to Khursa on the road leading to Negohot settlement from Road 60. At the side of the road stood an armored vehicle.

In Khursa we met Ali and when I asked how he was he looked at the pillbox and sighed. On the roof of the divan were added barbed wire but no one knows why.  The architecture of the occupation.

From Khursa we continued to Simia and visited Farhan. From his house on the west side of Route 60 (where the Challenge 13 school was demolished several times), the demolition of Jamal Rawashda's buildings can be seen. On Monday, Leah reported on demolition orders Jamal received for buildings that protected his livestock, those built  on land owned by him. The appeal he filed against the demolition orders did not help.

I asked Farhan how they deal with the Corona. In Dura there is a special hospital for Corona patients and in Yatta there is a large hospital that provides medical services for the entire area of southern Mount Hebron. They have no shortage of tests for Corona.

Their school has 20 students in grades one through six, so there is no problem with overcrowding, and in larger communities, students study in capsules.

On the way back there was heavy traffic in both directions of Route 60 and we saw no barricades, perhaps because of the late hour.