Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Nina and Hagit S.S; Translator: Natanya

Immediately beyond the Meitar checkpoing, a group of illegal workers crossed the fence. Some 20 meters away - the breach in the fence through which they passed is now being repaired.

Continuing, the entrances to most of the villages are open, only the northern part of 'Abda is closed.

We went to Hebron to find out about the caravans that were brought here yesterday. In the plaza in the Cave of the Patriarchs area huge sheds are being built and a border police female soldier who came to check who we are confirmed: Indeed, these are the days of The life of Sarah - the days of the Jewish exception - and the sheds are set up to accommodate all the guests who come. The caravans are probably the services. (Also the one next to the wholesale market.)

There is already activity near Beit Hadassah, families with children entering.

The area around Tel Rumeida is very quiet. Few pedestrians and a few soldiers on duty.

We could not enter the whole area of the Cave of the Patriarchs, everything is blocked.

In the Kefisha neighborhood, renovations, infrastructure, sewage ...

The entrance to Bani Na'im is open, on the way near the cave is a sign: "Ma'ayan Ziv".

Every spring  here gets a Hebrew name.