At-Tuwani – visiting Hafez Huraini

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Michal (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya


We went to visit Hafez al-Huraini, who was released from detention after being attacked by a settler from Havat Maon, and his hands were broken during the attack.

The settler was not arrested, of course.

On behalf of all of us, I expressed my joy that he is home and that I hope justice will be done and the truth will come out.

Representatives of the European Union countries came to both visit him and to be in Masafar Yatta because of the demolition orders for Khalet al-Daba’. There were representatives from Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, England, Finland and France. They were invited by "B’tselem". With them also came Naser Nawaja’ from Susiya, who works in the organization. He says they came for both purposes.

According to him, they said they intend to meet with senior representatives of the Israeli government, and intend to exert pressure against the demolition plan and against the planned transfer. At the end of the visit to Hafez, they will go to see the field where he was attacked and wounded.

A journalist from the French news agency AFP tells me that the representatives of the foreign embassies did come to express solidarity the day before the scheduled date for the demolition, but in his opinion nothing will help. 

Roads - 60, 317, 356

The excavation done by the bulldozers in the area of ​​the fence next to the Meitar checkpoint has now ended. A tent with soldiers is placed on the hill for observation. 

Eshtamo’a outpost

The soldiers who were guarding there moved to the hill opposite. A trailer appeared, with a water line, a power line, and bales of straw. It seems that another settlement will be raised  there in order to expand the settlement areas. 

Under Simiya there are new dirt blocks along Route 60.

At the turn to Pnei Hever, the intersection of the Three Angels, at another entrance to Bani Naim: there is also an IDF position. The checkpoint is open today.