Hebron checkpoints: Police and Border Patrol in hot pursuit

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Yehudit K. (reporting) and Muhammad.; Translator: Natanya

At 8 am the Sansana - Meitar checkpoint was nearly empty but on road 60 we saw quite a large number of illegal workers going through the hole in the fence. It seems that earlier on they had not been able to get into Israel because the police and the border police had blocked their way.

There was not much traffic on road 60. A checkpoint had been set up at Shama' and above al Fawwar there were two checkpoints. One next to the pool and the other at the crossroads next to the new petrol station. Also at the Sheep Crossing some cars were being checked though not delayed. We did not go into Hebron but continued to the bridge at Halhul   We did not see a checkpoint on the way nor army prescence