Natanya Ginsburg, Chana Stein (reporting)

05.15.  On reaching the Palestinian side of the shed (after passing amazing amounts of litter), we were relieved to see that there were only short lines of workers waiting to enter the cages.  All five checking stations were open, which was a welcome, but rare, event.  The soldier working the turnstiles opened them frequently.  He came out of his cubicle to ask what we were doing there, but was friendly.

For some reason the soldier was replaced only at 6.33, at the same time that the D.C.O. officer arrived.  There were no guards on duty this morning.  There was hardly need for the humanitarian gate today, but the D.C.O. officer did open it, at which point a few women and older men dashed over from the regular lines.

06.45.  We left and were through in 5 minutes.  The humanitarian gate was still open.