Northern checkpoints: The show must go on

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Marina Banai, Ruthi Tuval (reporting). Chana Stein translating

16.15.  Yabed-Dotan checkpoint.          

A long line of cars wait to pass at the checkpoint where an exercise is in progress, with many men and women soldiers, including an officer whose Border Police rank is equivalent to a lieutenant-colonel. The  officer volunteers to teach us a lesson in patriotism.

17.00.  Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint.

The sparkling metal turnstile is operating. People enter and exit at the far end of it, and the afternoon pickup of workers has thus also moved to the western parking lot, far from the main road. An irritating bottle-neck has been created between the two parking lots.

17.50.  Tura-Shaked checkpoint.

Fairly lively movement in both directions. A family with fancily dressed little girls drew our attention. Marina chatted for a long while with a journalist who works in Ya'abed for a news agency. He had a problem crossing with his vehicle, but this was ultimately resolved.