'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Neta Golan, Hana Heller (observers),, J.H. (translattion)


Barta'a Riehan Checkpoint   5:50

There are vehicles and laborers in the upper parking lot, but it’s not as crowded as usual. The lower parking lot, as well, isn’t very full and those who arrive go directly into the terminal. A man who works in a factory in Reihan approaches us and tells us that he received a 6-month entry permit but that during the past couple days they haven’t been letting him cross, saying that his permit isn’t valid for the Reihan checkpoint and that he has to go through the Jalamah checkpoint. We referred him to Tami for assistance.


6:30 Anin Checkpoint

The soldiers arrive and open the checkpoint. The first laborer emerges at 6:42. Everyone wishes us a “good morning.” 75 people cross through, including a few women and ten children – there’s still a holiday atmosphere. Seven tractors cross, though one is detained for detailed inspection and is released at 7:10 only after getting approval by phone from the DCO. It seems the reason was a question of proof that the plants and earth he was transporting were connected with his employment.


7:30 Tura Shaked checkpoint

We meet two bored-looking workers who are waiting for their rides to work and who tell us that the checkpoint opened at 7:00. A few pedestrians and cars cross through the checkpoint. Everything is as usual, including the pile of trash.