Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Nina and Hagit S.S (Reporting); Natanya translating.


The entrance through the Meitar crossing. In the morning hours of Ramadan all is quiet.

Next to the Fawwar spring no one is present. The crossroads at the entrance to the village is open on both sides.

An army vehicle is present.

We went into Hebron from the southern entrance. There is nothing left of the improvised synagogue of the “Vision of David.” There is only a tarpaulin thrown down at the side.

Workers are cleaning around the Moslem cemetery.

Next to the House of Contention there is a sign – flag: Zionism = The land of Israel

The area around the Cave of the Patriarchs is complete silence. Everything is closed, also the shop of Abd. Only soldiers  are at the usual posts.The steps leading to the Cordova school the gate is locked since the holidays began and so this passage is closed to anyone who would find it convenient to use.

Tel Rumeida – since the event of the “shooting soldier” at this place…everything is closed. There is not passage such as we were used to.

Two soldiers allow Israeli cars to enter to what is now defined as a closed military area  (maybe those are the workers of the Jewish cemetery?)

At the shop opposite Azzam which is  open in spite of all - there are few customers and goods.

On this trip we ask questions and learn alot about the customs of Ramadan.

To “Ramadan Karim” one answers “Allah is great”.