Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rochele Hayot (photographer), Noa Lavid (reporting)


07:20-08:00. Tura-Shaked

The checkpoint opened late (at 07:20) and passage was slow, as in previous Saturdays. On the West Bank side there is a long queue (relative to the usual Saturday one) of people waiting, shouting and crying This quickly cease and then the passage continues, slowly. For some of the people this means waiting for a whole hour (!) at the checkpoint. Usually people wait patiently and are very polite, but this morning there is anger, justifiably.  What is happening here?!

Among those passing is a large group of teachers who have come from the West Bank to the school in Um Reihan in the seamline zone – they are examiners for the Bagrut examinations, and hold the examination papers.

A pregnant woman turns to us, asking: If the screening machine is harmful to the embryo?  We were not sure of the answer.  Does someone know?

08.10-08.40. Barta’a-Reihan

Here the checkpoint is as crowded as ever and movement is quick, without delays. We timed the passage of two people – 8-10 minutes.

Two workers were collecting cigarette stubs. One worker (accompanied by a guard) lowered the Independence Day flag into a supermarket trolley.