Ariadne Papakapitos, Porochista Khakpur., Yehuda S., photographers from Activlist, and Hannah B.,(reporting); Translator: Judith Green


Within the framework the writers' visit for the preparation of the book by the "Breaking the Silence" organization, planned for the 50th anniversary of the occupation, I was asked to accompany the writers to the checkpoints.

04:15 - 07:00:  During the whole shift, there was a much smaller number of workers than the amount we are accustomed to see at Kalandia.  Because of this, there was no crowding in the lines and the passage was quick.  The "Humanitarian" Gate did not open at all.  In answer to our question as to the reason, we were told there was "no need".  The real question is why there is any need for this checkpoint itself!

The guests listened to explanations, but it seemed to me that the fact that there was not massive traffic today rather moderated the "experience".  With Yehudah's help, we were able to show them many photos from other days which showed Kalandia at its "best".

We saw a youth who had been arrested - but we weren't able to approach him to get any details of the event.  At the opening of the exit from Jerusalem to Ramallah, a man of about 45, who did not feel well, was sitting.  I offered to call for help for him, but he refused.  I asked him if I could take him to the hospital, but he also refused that and asked me to move away.  I noticed that the man sat there for another half an hour, and then disappeared.  I hope he is all right.

We left at 07:00, when there was no longer any line and all the bagels had been sold.