A report in the Corona days: And again, the settlers are cutting down Palestinian trees

Hagit Bak transfer telephone report from Hebron. translator :  Charles K.

I just received a phone call from M.A.H. who had been a B’Tselem investigator when we established Machsom Watch’s southern group.  We’ve grown old together.  Now we’re both in a risk group.  M. moved from Dura and now lives in Ramallah, keeping track of settler harassment.  He told me that on Thursday, 27.3.20, near the Sa’ir gate and near Bethlehem, settlers cut down trees on land belonging to Palestinians.

The occupation proceeds as usually in the Ramallah area, people are arrested at checkpoints, although very few people now leave their homes.

We made an appointment to meet in Ramallah after the corona.

Good health!